Story About Us

A Reputable Importer & Distributor of Engineering Equipment in Indonesia Since 2010.

PT. INDOTECH MULTI PRIMA is an importer and distributor company that provides engineering machinery and equipment.

PT. Indotech Multi Prima is also a subsidiary of Usaha Jaya Group, which was founded in 2010, as for Usaha Jaya Group, they are Veterans in the world of Engineering, Hoses, Materials and Machinery with more than 30 years of experience. Apart from that, Usaha Jaya Group is the sole agent/distributor of many well-known brands such as Nippon Resibon Grinding Wheel, Westlake Drill, Elemax Generator, Bridgestone Hose, Kyowa Pump, Shuang Ge Chainblock, etc.
For PT. Indotech Multi Prima itself has business relationships with more than 1,000 dealers spread throughout Indonesia, including downtown such as : Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya.


Providing the best quality of products and services to consumers.


Creating sustainable long-term benefits in the relationship between the Company and all business partners, Customers, Shops and Dealers.


Presenting products with modern technology in line with the times while prioritizing product quality and affordable prices.


To be one of the best and most trusted companies in the machinery & tools manufacturing industry in Indonesia by providing high quality products at affordable prices for the people of Indonesia.


Providing quality products and services by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Creating sustainable long-term benefits between the company and all business partners such as customers, shops and dealers.

Maintain honesty & satisfaction for all our suppliers, dealers & consumers.

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