The speed reducer (gearbox) is a special tool needed to adjust the power or torque (moment/power) of a rotating motor, and a speed reducer (gearbox) is also a device that converts the power of a rotating motor into greater power.
The working principle is very simple, only 2 main component units consisting of axles connected to the driving machine, and one connected to the main engine, meaning that this main engine is a machine or equipment such as a shredder machine, crusher machine or other machines. . make more details how this gearbox or reducer works.
The gearbox is a mechanical device used to increase torque and reduce the speed or RPM of the motor. The shaft of the motor is connected to one end of the gearbox, through a series of gears in the gearbox, resulting in the desired torque and speed. Generally, gearbox types are classified according to the type of application used: Helical, Bevel-Helical, Worm and Planetary.
Helical gearbox is a very efficient gearbox and very commonly used, where Bevel-Helical is close to Helical and is made to save space without sacrificing the advantages or advantages of Helical Gearbox. Gearbox Worm is a device that stops naturally and is suitable for all applications that are expected to remain stationary when stopped. Lastly, Planetary Gearboxes are popular for their High Reduction Ratios with their compact form.


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