Plasma cutting is a machine that functions to cut various types of metal, plate or other materials using heat sourced from a high concentration laser beam where the depth level is adjusted according to the thickness of the material to be cut.
The basic principle of Plasma Cutting is to use electricity to heat the air very high up to the point of plasma (heat above thousands of degrees Celsius) which is then blown through the metal to be cut. Plasma Cutting Machines are very simple and only require a compressed air supply and AC power outlet to operate.
In the working process of the plasma cutting machine, an invert gas is blown at high speed from the nozzle, and at the same time an electric arc is formed through the gas from the nozzle to the surface to be cut, then some of the gas turns into hot plasma to melt the metal and move so that the metal cut off.
Input Voltage (V) 220 380
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Phase 1 3
Output current (A) 40 80 100 100
Voltage (V) 96 112 120 120
Duty cycle  40%@40C 40%@40C 60%@40C
Amps input at rated  29A@40A 17.6A@80A 23A@100A 23.1A@100C
Output range/OCV 20-40A/250V 20-80A/300V 10-210A/96V 10-100A/268V
Weight (Kg) 9 21.7 25.6 36
Dimension (mm) 402x160x300 508x244x423 526x272x468 550x280x545
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