Definition of Drilling Machine (Drill) is a tool or tool used to make holes. something. The Drilling Machine works by rotating the blade at a certain speed and pressing it onto a workpiece.
One of the Drilling Machine products that is well known for its quality is the WESTLAKE brand Drilling Machine, this product produced in China has been proven for its quality among dealers and users. because the machine is durable, strong and precise in it's performance.
MODEL ZHX-13I ZHX-13 ZQ4113 ZQ4116I ZQ4116
Max.drilling capacity 13mm 16mm
Dia. of column 46mm 48mm 70mm 72mm 70mm
Spindle travel 50mm 50mm 85mm 85mm
Distance spindle surface 105mm 103mm 180mm 162mm 180mm
Distance to worktable 220mm 318mm 450mm 432mm
Distance to base 300mm 475mm 630mm 592mm
Spindle taper B16 MT2 MT2
Spindle speed range 620-2620r/min 515-2580rpm 450-2650rpm 180-2770r/min 400-2420rpm
Spindle speeds 5 4 16 5
Dimension of worktable 160x160mm 165x162mm 240x240mm 290mm 240x240mm
Dimension of base 290x190mm 220x220mm 420x250mm 220x220mm
Overall height 580mm 581mm 858mm 980mm 956mm
Motor 150W 250W 370W
Gross weight/net weight 20/19Kg 23/21Kg 60/57.5Kg 52/50Kg 66/63.5Kg
Ship measurement 45x35x24.5cm 47x33.5x24.5cm 92x52x28cm 78x45x28cm 92x52x28cm

MODEL ZQ4125 ZQ4132 ZQD4125 ZQD4132
Max.drilling capacity 25mm 31mm 25mm 31.5mm
Dia. of column 85mm 110mm
Spindle travel 110mm 200mm
Distance spindle surface 200mm 200mm
Distance to worktable 485mm 490mm
Distance to base 670mm 1240mm
Spindle taper MT3
Spindle speed range 200-2260rpm 150-2270rpm 200-2260rpm 150-2270rpm
Spindle speeds 9 12 9 12
Dimension of worktable 280x280mm 280x360mm 280x280mm 280x360mm
Dimension of base 300x300mm
Overall height 1109mm 1680mm
Motor 550W 750W 550W 750W
Gross weight/net weight 112.5/107.5Kg 125/120Kg
Ship measurement 110x77x34cm 110X77X34CM
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