Brushless Angle Grinder used for sharpening or cutting workpieces. The working principle of a Brushless Angle Grinder is that the grinding stone rotates and then rubs against the workpiece so that cutting or grinding occurs.

The working principle of this Brushless Angle Grinder is a rotating grinding stone in contact with the workpiece so that erosion, sharpening, sharpening, or cutting occurs where a grinding stone is driven by using an AC motor.

Machine Function:
This machine can be used for smoothing or cutting
metallic and non-metallic objects. Hand grinding machines are used in general
as a cutting tool in a small workshop or household.
Voltage 21V
Frequency 50Hz
Max. wheel diameter 100mm
Max. pore size 16mm
Spindle thread M10
No-load speed 8500r/min

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