Heat Gun Machine is known as a tool to emit air or hot air flow. The hot air that flows also varies in heat, some can reach 550° Celsius. It's shaped like a gun, or at first glance it might look like a hairdryer, but a heat gun or hot gun emits much hotter air than a hairdryer. So, don't use it to dry your hair, you might even burn your hair.

What are the functions of the heat gun engine?
  • Bending iron
  • Removing sticker or wallpaper
  • Sticking glue
  • Removing paint
  • Removing rusty bolts
Rated voltage 220V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated power input 1800W 2000W
Temperatur 60-600C
Blast capacity 250-500L/min
Weight 0.9Kg
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