The function of the sander machine is to smooth the surface of objects (metal, wood, walls or walls) that are not flat like sandpaper in general so that they can be continued for further work according to work objectives.
The electric shaver is the second generation of tools after the manual shaver. This tool uses a motor to drive the wood smoothing blade. This machine makes human work easier because it is used semi-automatically. Thus reducing the use of human labor and the results are even better. However, this machine does not have a guide and control for the thickness of the wood feed, so that the results of the thickness work are difficult to obtain an even and measured surface.
Rated input power 560W
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50/60Hz
No-load speed 16700rpm
Planing width 82mm
Planing depth 0-1mm
Rabeting depth 0-7mm
Weight 2.6Kg
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