A carrying brush cutter is a grass cutter that is used by carrying it on the back. This portable brush cutter can cut grass on lawns where the ground surface is uneven or bumpy. This type of machine looks almost the same as a pest sprayer. When using this machine, it should be used in a forward manner, not backwards. Avoid from rocks during operation so that the brush cutter blade is not damaged quickly.
Types of blades on a slinging brush cutter:
  1. Cross knife
    Usually used to cut quite large grass such as reeds, elephant grass, etc
  2. 8-toothed round knife
    This type of knife is suitable for cutting shrubs
  3. 80-toothed round knife
    This type of knife is used to cut very large plants.
Engine 2 Tak, satu cylinder, gasoline
Cylinder 30,5CC
Max. round 0.81kW / 600rpm
Carburetor Tipe float
Ignition system Electronic
Spark plug type BM-7A/CJ6
Engine fuel Gasoline & oil 25:1
Tank capacity 1,2 Liter
Blade diameter 255mm
Dimension 345x280x401mm
Weight 9.4Kg
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