Demolition Hammer is a machine used to crush and dismantle concrete floors or asphalt roads. This machine is widely applied by construction workers and projects for demolition, road construction, chipping of railroads and other civil works. Demolition hammer is an electromechanical/pneumatic combination that combines a hammer with a chisel.
Demolition Hammers are generally powered by compressed air, but some are powered by electricity. Larger demolition hammer machines, such as those used in construction machines, usually use a hydraulic system. Generally used to break up stone, concrete, asphalt, pavement and others.
This type uses electric power but does not use a compressor. Its practical use can be operated inside the building. The Electric Demolition Hammer can use a variety of chucks to attach the tool, but the most common are SDS-max, 7/8” Hex, TE-S types. and 1-1/8” Hex.
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 1100W 1400W
Blow per minute 3500 impact/min 1400 impact/min
Impact energy 15J 50J
Weight 5.3Kg 12.5Kg
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